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Looking for a sure fire way to meet with potential clients to close more deals so you can focus on growing and scaling your business ?

Acquiring customers when you are a startup, SMB or recently launched is no easy feat, yet crucial to long term success. The issue that most companies face when they have a skeleton sales team or none at all, is lead generation at scale.


Roikings is a B2B lead generation company and outsourced sales team to help with business development and appointment setting.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs from Canada, Australia, and South Africa our goal is to offer a customized end-to-end sales solution that generates qualified meetings with C level executives and decision makers within the Hospitality, Healthcare, Digital Agency and Tech space.

Partner with a dedicated B2B lead generation company to help you book more appointments through LinkedIn and cold email campaigns.


LinkedIn lead generation can deliver an amazing ROI and is the go to social platform for B2B companies and brands across every sector and industry.

Cold Email Outreach

A multi step cold email campaign is a highly effective outbound strategy when coupled with case studies, blog posts, white papers or valuable content.

Roikings 7 Step Process

7 Step process funnel

What makes Roikings different than other lead generation companies?

  • Security

    We take the security of your brand, business and online profile very seriously and have safety measures in place to make sure this in not jeopardized.

  • Business Strategy

    Roikings will work with your team to create a sales strategy based on your product and goals. Your business is a unique entity and your strategy should reflect that.

  • Personalized Lead Generation

    Whether it be email or LinkedIn, our aim is to build the most relevant lead list based on your audience. We have the option to source lead lists based on funding, technology, size, location, industry specific database or other relevant filters. 

  • Small Diligent Team

    Our focus is to set qualified appointments for you to make the sale with a No BS approach. We wont offer the world if we cant deliver, but will bust our chops trying. We value your time and understand that results and ROI are what matter in sales. 


“Roikings significantly helped improve our sales process and did an excellent job to get us in front of the right decision makers, allowing us to present solutions that were unattainable through other sales channels.”

                       Jennifer Kelley, Founder, CMO of BEXI

“We had worked with several lead generation services in the past; because of the unique focus of our business, none could get the quantity or quality of leads we needed. RoIkings has dramatically outperformed our expectations, helping us source and setup multiple appointments with well-qualified customer and partner leads”

                 Stuart McFaul, Founder of Spiralgroup

"Using advanced techniques, Roikings were able to canvas the market and draw in the that fit what we needed.  They truly have been the difference in our company, understanding how to best identify the decision maker so we can focus on the sales presentation. They are a great value to how we are growing our business and wouldn't be having the record sales year without them! Next year will be even better!”

                 Jeffrey Shepard, CEO of MedaCheck


Case Study

Bexi is an ambitious design and development agency headed by the savvy Jenn Kelley offering an all-inclusive subscription service for Enterprise companies within Healthcare, Software, and Media. Bexi’s clients include Google, Citrix, and Netflix. 

Bexi struggled to showcase their service in front of the right qualified decision makers and needed a dedicated sales team to step in and help bring their products to life. 

Roikings has been working with Bexi for the past two years and have averaged 3 meetings per week with C Level Executives & Marketing Directors responsible for multiple product lines and brands at companies ranging from $20M - $2B in annual revenue.

During the initial 3 month pilot, Roikings helped Bexi close 3 clients within Healthcare valued at $172k:

- $30,000 (6 month subscription)

- $126,000 (Annual Subscription)

- $16,000 (Project) 


Case Study
Dr. Jeffrey Shepherd, CEO of Medacheck & IT Consultant partnered with Roikings in June 2017 and were instrumental to the rapid growth of MedaCheck.

Medacheck solely relied on referrals and had trouble scaling new business opportunities. A major problem was an inefficient lead generation strategy to find the right decision makers who had budgeting authority.

Our team worked with Medacheck to launch 2 sales campaigns:

1. SaaS medication management system with a mission of minimizing non-adherence rates for patients

2. Titan by MedaCheck - build software solutions to help medical device manufacturers focus solely on the hardware aspect.

Lead generation was focused throughout the US on multiple verticals (cardiology, respiratory, oncology, pharma, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and Health IT) targeting Doctors, Physicians, and multiple C-Level Executives.

Roikings set up 3-4 qualified meetings/week resulting in a record sales year in 2020 of $1M+ with unlimited potential.


Creating meaningful business conversations with the right decision makers.

We have set up meetings for our clients with the following companies

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Working alongside Ronan Galvin - CEO of Kickstagram, Roikings launched a sales campaign for this SaaS platform in the social media space for small businesses and Ecommerce brands looking to kickstart their instagram marketing and convert followers to customers.

Roikings became a part of Kickstagram’s long term vision and strategy by joining their business development team located in San Diego, California. Our core focus was to expand business in Europe and International Markets including the UK, Ireland, France, Nordics, Germany, Italy, Australia, China and India by reverse engineering Instagram accounts for the lead generation process.

The campaign was a huge success. In a span of 3 months we had an average open rate of 45% resulting in 63 meetings, and over 400 website clicks converting to a healthy flow of monthly and annual clients.


Spiralgroup is a globally-focused integrated brand marketing agency that provides a full suite of marketing and PR services focusing on emerging tech and is spearheaded by Californian
Native, Stuart Mcfaul.

Roikings launched a successful campaign targeting the next generation of emerging tech & SaaS companies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Smart Homes, IoT & Blockchain.

After receiving 28 qualified meetings through Email & LinkedIn outreach during the pilot with top level executives, Roikings contribution to Spiralgroup’s long term success is based on a highly defined lead generation process that delivers Sprialgroup’s brand values to the right prospect at the right time.


Working alongside Dr. Jeffrey Shepard from Cincinnati Ohio, the
Kings of ROI launched a sales campaign for MedaCheck, a SaaS    medication management system with a mission of minimizing non-adherence rates for patients.

We focused our lead generation efforts throughout the United States
on multiple verticals in the healthcare industry including cardiology,  respiratory, pharmaceuticals and hospitals targeting Doctors, Physicians, and multiple C-Level Executives.

In a span of 3 months, Roikings received 10+ opportunities for the small startup and the first tech-licensing partnership worth over 100k for the company.


Headquartered in California and Florida, Kugadi is a fantastic web and mobile platform that empowers security guard companies to streamline their operations through seamless communication, intuitive reporting and a more efficient workflow that reduce costs and enables accountability for their guards.

Roikings has been working long term with senior management and inbound sales team to generate a consistent flow of replies resulting in an average  of 2 qualified demos per week over an ongoing 6 month period. By sharing campaign data with their sales team they have been able to utilize the data to turn cold contacts into warm leads and then into a sale.

The success of the campaign has come through consistently A/B testing   the email copy and reviewing various lead generation sources. 


Roikings worked alongside the highly creative team at Jump Digital Media, based out of Irvine, California reaching out to large brands in the  cosmetics, beauty, food, beverage and the hospitality space.

We focused on each of their core products for the follow up campaign highlighting their services that included SEO, SEM, packaging, web development and social media campaigns. Jump had worked with some big name clients including Holiday Inn, Honda, Imax and Whole Foods which  we leveraged throughout the campaign.

By the second month Roikings was able to set up 3 qualified meetings per week with requests for website design, social media campaigns and branding.


Based out of New York, Mira helps brands with location intelligence and analytics for out-of-home media campaigns.

Having worked closely with their CEO, Jon to understand the product and audience, we focused on targeting Digital Agencies ranging in size from    30 -1200 people which resulted in 3 meetings per week.

It has been Jon’s consistent input and willingness to adapt that has    helped the campaign become a success.

Loudley Case Study


The creative team of digital partners at Loudley based in West Hollywood, California has a goal to “Make Your Voice Heard” by creating dynamic social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement for Startups and SMB’s.

Loudley decided to become long term partners with Roikings after having an extremely successful campaign launch with excellent results in the first month. Lead Generation was focused on targeting C-Level Executives and Marketing Directors within the E-Commerce, Retail, Apparel & Fashion, Cosmetics, and Beauty verticals.

After initial testing Roikings managed to improve the open rate to 46% resulting in 3 qualified meetings per week.