Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought Leadership Marketing

Strong thought leadership content not only strengthens a company’s brand reputation but also positively impacts RFP invitations, wins, pricing and cross-selling that occurs post-sale.

Why become a thought leader.

Over the past three years, Edelman and LinkedIn have collaborated to investigate the impact of thought leadership on business generation.

Insights from over 3,275 business decision makers and CXO’s determined that 50% of decision-makers spend at least 1 hour per week consuming thought leadership and 58% of C-suite executives willing to choose a business based on its thought leadership .

Roikings has your LinkedIn Marketing & thought leadership covered with a solution that takes an innovative approach to social selling. Our LinkedIn marketing strategy is a unique mix of social selling, personal branding, and content marketing resulting in more brand exposure, thought leadership, and increased sales opportunities.

The program is specifically designed for companies with high-dollar, complex sales. With access to more decision makers than any other social media platform, LinkedIn is the number one B2B social selling tool in the world.

61% of decision-makers say they are more willing to pay a premium price to work with a brand that articulates a clear vision through thought leadership.

Thought Leadership & Content Strategy

To maximize the lifetime value of your new audience (through outbound campaigns), we produce a consistent stream of engaging, nurturing, and targeted content on your behalf.

This is used in the form of LinkedIn publications, Micro posts, VideoViews and weekly blogs that are optimized for SEO and based on select, targeted keywords.  We then distribute your content amongst core channels to further your personal brand’s reach and effectiveness.

We combine the reach of LinkedIn with custom B2B content relevant to your readers and industry, positioning you as a thought leader in front of a lot more people.

Our team of LinkedIn marketing experts will amplify your brand and magnify your thought leadership with the content "Trifecta Effect!"

This service level is perfect for companies that would like to feed their marketing channels, especially LinkedIn, with multiple content formats for maximum exposure and engagement.

This is a true “done for you service” in which our team of expert marketers, writers, designers, programmers, and editors (all based in the US) handle the entire content production process from ideation to completion and deployment. Our team ensures all content aligns with your strategic objectives and is delivered on time.

Our team will work with you to highlight your company’s subject matter expertise in deep-dive print, video, and social media graphic post.

All we need from you is your insights and approval.

We will handle the rest.

47% of C-suite executives say they will share their personal contact information with sellers after reading quality thought leadership from the brand.​

Services Included in the Thought Leadership Package

Each package includes LinkedIn marketing support for content strategy, planning, and ideation, as well as creative strategy and development, content and market research, content development, and deployment of approved content and strategies on your LinkedIn profile and company pages, as well as up to 10 targeted LinkedIn groups.


X 1 Per Month

A brief video interview of your company CEO or other senior staff member discussing important topics on the company, product, service or industry

Roikings will handle all aspects of production including interview preparations, video capture, interview conduction, graphics, audio/video editing, content development, intakes, outtakes, and posting.

Custom Publication

X 1 Per Month

A 600-800 custom word article which we will add to your LinkedIn profile and blog post to highlight your knowledge and expertise in the specified segment or  industry.

Each article will be thoroughly researched and written with your audience in mind so that the copy is engaging and resonates with your audience.

93% of brands gained a new customer because of a video on social media.
Micro Posts

X 2 Per Month

Bite-sized thought leadership or marketing messages with custom graphic or video. This will be posted from your LinkedIn profile with the aim to grab attention from your followers or audience. 

Blog Posts

X 4 Per Month

Roikings will publish 4 posts to your blog per month based on the keywords for your product or service. This will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will help you to be ranked in the search engines for the keywords searched.

While this is a great long term strategy this content is not of the same standard of writing as the the custom content or micro posts.