7 Step Lead Generation Process

Roikings use a 7 Step lead generation process for our end to end sales cycle which gives structure to your outbound campaign yet we strictly adhere to your company branding and business tone.

During the 1 week on-boarding we will research your industry, company and more importantly who is your audience and dedicated customers. Our team will personalize the entire process around your company including the campaign sales copy, lead generation process and strategy, language used and overall tone.

Casual, conversational or corporate… Just let us know.


Market Research

We work with your team to understand your product or service, company culture, goals, position in the market, value proposition, pricing model and business structure. Based on this information we will create a company and customer personas so we can maximize our chances of connecting with the most relevant contacts at the most relevant company.


Multi Touch Campaign

Now that we have the foundation on who and where to contact, our team will design a creative outbound campaign that will resonate with your customers. We will reach out via a multi touch LinkedIn campaign using industry white papers, case studies, blog content and highlighted features in a series of follow ups that will spark an interest, leading to a demo or call.


Lead Generation

Our team will cherry pick, fresh daily leads based on your target market and industry. We source 3000 relevant prospects per month (based on 2 LinkedIn accounts) using a multitude of strategies, sources and tools that will help you to connect with qualified buyers. We source leads relevant to where your audience is located and not bound by a particular platform, dataset or other restriction.



This is a balancing act between technology and content and are the 2 biggest factors that will determine whether a campaign is a success. We run 3 campaigns simultaneously including: Email Campaign (4-5 touch sequence) LinkedIn Messaging Campaign (View, Connect, Message) LinkedIn InMail Campaign (View, InMail, Connect, Message) Our team will act as agents on your behalf and will create personalized responses to all interested prospects and lead them to a meeting/demo with your team.


A/B Testing

Using the data from your campaign we will refine and make adjustments to the subject lines, template copy and call to action to optimize the campaign. we typically test 2-3 industries or verticals and can run this side by side, weekly or find a solution to help you better understand your audience. You will have access to your own dashboard with live campaign data and host weekly calls so both teams have a clear understanding of what is or isn't working and make the necessary changes.


Appointment Setting

Our top priority is to book qualified meetings for you to close the deal. Want Roikings to manage replies or prefer to handle them yourself for that extra bit of personalization. Once the call is set, name your available times, preferred meeting tool and we will make it happen.
Need a reminder on the day, info on funding or details on the client, we got you covered.


Pipeline Management

A successful sales team understands the importance of a well managed database and pipeline. Roikings will help in warming any of your cold leads and follow up with warm leads to get those meetings set. Persistence and persuasion pay off in the long run and the art of a follow up can be the difference between an average campaign and a winner.