Frequently Asked Questions

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All 3 founders are involved with the high level strategy for the campaign. We work as a tag-team as each of us has specialized expertise in a given department to make each campaign a success. You will be assigned one of the 3 founders as a project manager that has had similar projects up to date and is responsible for the campaign, engages in weekly calls and manages the campaign on a day to day basis.

After registering on the website, we will require a 1 hour on-boarding session (minimum) which will be broken down into 3 parts 

  1. Overview of Company / Services that includes a presentation
  2. Lead Generation Criteria 
  3. Brand Messaging and Copy writing

We start by identifying your ideal target markets by filtering on the following key factors:

  • Industries
  • Titles / Decision Makers 
  • Revenue/Funding
  • Technology
  • Company Size 
  • Function
  • Location

Having established your targeted audience, we start to A/B test the leads generated to see which segment delivers the best results until we hit that sweet spot. After several weeks of analytics we can determine which markets deliver the best leads.

All 3 founders (Native English – Canadian, Australian, South African) will write a first draft of the campaign and then we will collectively edit them together. We will either edit each script or create a “best of” script from the 3. Once the draft is complete, we will set up a call with you to make any edits and get confirmation before we start the campaign.

Results vary based on numerous factors including industry, value proposition, pricing, sales collateral, case studies, etc. The best results we have seen for a campaign was between 30- 40 meetings/month for a low end SaaS product with price starting from $100.

For 80% of Roikings clients, we generate between 2-4 qualified meetings per week for products ranging in price from $5000-15000 per month with a qualified decision maker (C Level for SMB’s and Director/VP for Enterprise) once a campaign is optimized.

All reporting will be emailed and explained on a weekly call which generally lasts 30 minutes.

Reporting will include:

Campaign overview
Volume sent
Connections Accepted – Linkedin Only
Total Connections – Linkedin Only
Open rate – Email Only
Bounce rate – Email Only
Unsubscribes – Email Only
Amount of Replies
Amount of meetings
Next Steps

For the sales pipeline, we use notion to track a warm lead through the various stages of the pipeline so we can follow up at the right time. Our team can also use your internal CRM for reporting and have experience using Salesforce, Hubspot or Zoho.

YES. You can scale outreach for both Email & LinkedIn. Once the original campaigns start producing results, Roikings will be able to run multiple campaigns to quantify results.

We generally recommend using a personal LinkedIn account from your company, preferably C-Level (CEO, COO, CMO, etc). Best results correlate with seniority, industry experience, and is more authentic when prospecting. Roikings can provide advice on how to optimize your profile and company page.

Yes. Our team use best practices in regards to sending volume and profile setup so that your account will not be jeopardized in any way. We have been running LinkedIn campaigns for 3+ years and never had any problems on any account.

Due to the high level of spam and viruses we will purchase a dummy domain to send out your emails.


Main Domain

Dummy Domain
yourcompany.co   or
yourcompany.io   or

Roikings will purchase the domain and emails and then configure the SPF, DKIM and DMARC settings in the back end for optimum deliver ability.

Yes. We require a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account to be activated ($79.99/month) and ready to roll! If this your first time using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn offer the first month on the house!

If you have any questions, you can fill out the form on our contact page or set up a call on the link below.

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